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OxyContin 30mg


Oxycontin is an opioid medicine used to manage mild to extreme pain and a popular abuse product marketed under the brand name OxyContin, among others. This is typically taken by mouth and is available in the formulation of immediate releases and controlled releases.


How OxyContin 30mg Works

​      OxyContin 30mg  is a time release, name brand formula of oxycodone, a synthetic opioid pain medication. It is one of the strongest concentrations of oxycodone, as many other name brand and generic brand formulas include other pain killers such as paracetamol or acetaminophen. While these combinations can be highly effective, OxyContin is still viewed a one of the top brands in oxycodone medication.

The time release formula has its advantages over quick release formulas. While quick release oxycodone medications may work quickly, they tend to only work for a short amount of time. The benefits of a time release formula have to do with the length of time that one pill will provide pain relief. The initial dose does dissolve fairly quickly, but the secondary dose takes longer to dissolve. By combining dosage in this way, you can lengthen the time of high concentration of the drug in your system.

OxyContin 30mg

OxyContin 30mg

OxyContin 30mg Safe Use

Like many powerful pain medications, some people have abused OxyContin by using it for recreational purposes. Because a few people have used the medication in an unsafe way, OxyContin has a bit of a bad reputation. Rather than worry about what others have done wrong or what the risks might be, the best thing you can do is inform yourself about how to safely and effectively use OxyContin.

​This may seem obvious, but following dosage instructions is one of the most important part of taking any medication. If you have never taken OxyContin before, you should find out what the recommended dosage is for someone of your weight and age. Start out at a lower dose than recommended and work up to the recommended dose. Everyone reacts differently to new medications and it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid a negative reaction. If you think you may be having a negative reaction, get medical help immediately. Although it is highly uncommon, it is possible to have an allergy to one of the ingredients in OxyContin.

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