Over The Counter Painkillers

Over The Counter Painkillers, or analgesics come in various types, formulations and dosage strengths available over the counter (OTC) and online and used to tackle all types of pain and discomfort. We all experience pain for one reason or another and the most common way people get relief is using painkillers sold online.

There are various types of over the counter painkillers available over the counter including Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like ibuprofen and aspirin. For chronic symptoms, many people use stronger opioid classed medications including codeine and tramadol.

Acute pain is generally treated with mild pain medication while chronic symptoms generally require an extended course of stronger analgesics. Not matter the cause of severity, online pharmacies stock a large range of cost effective, prescription free medications.

How Do Strongest Painkillers Over The Counter Work?

Generally, strongest painkillers over the counter work by inhibiting the production of prostaglandin, which is the chemical responsible for inflammation and pain. The result of this action help alleviates the sensation of pain and discomfort and finding the right treatment depends on the severity of pain.

Whether people are using various NSAIDS for acute pain or taking stronger opioids for chronic pain, the effects of these medications ease pain quickly and help to improve the brains perception of pain.

Are Painkillers Safe for Everyone?

Painkillers are safe or most people when take as directed. Pain medications sold online is tested under the FDAs generic drugs program which confirms that all generic NSAIDS and opioids maintain high safety, quality and efficacy standards to ensure safe and effective results.

Patients suffering stomach issues, kidney damage or blood pressure should speak with a doctor before use to avoid experiencing any side effects including but not limited to constipation, stomach pain and nausea. If a person experiences an adverse reaction, discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately. Find a full list of side effects on the patient information leaflet (PIL) at our website.

Think Before You Buy Painkillers

Before buying pain medications, make sure to read the dosage and usage guide to ensure complete safety. All medications are different however the recommended way to take painkillers is one or two tablets every 4 – 6 hours as required with a glass of water. Avoid damaging, crushing or chewing the tablet.

When chronic pain persists, implementing a treatment plan is advised. Having a treatment plan allows patients to maintain consistent relief and gradually coming off the medication without the risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.