Over The Counter Nootropics

Over The Counter Nootropics, or smart drugs are natural supplements and synthetic medications used to promote cognitive enhancement and wakefulness. The most popular smart drugs are modafinil and new age armodafinil which are effective for treating narcolepsy and shift workers sleep disorder (SWSD).

The wide range of cognitive enhancers available are used to improve mental awareness, boost energy levels and increase awareness. An analysis of nootropics shows that university students, the military and corporate executives are using these medications off label to improve their mental and physical performance.

How Do Nootropics Work? Nootropic Pills

Trials into nootropic pills reveal that these treatments function as vasodilators and works on the brain to improve cognitive function by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. The duration of effects of a single dose lasts for up to 12 hours, providing a safe and consistent boost of energy.

Smart drugs like modafinil or new age armodafinil help people achieve more success at work, during exams and in everyday life. The way these medications work to promote cognitive enhancement also help narcoleptic patients get through the day with experiencing sudden sleep attacks.

Are Nootropics Safe for Everyone?

Yes, these medications are safe for the vast majority because they generally metabolized through the body instead of the brain which minimizes risks. One dose taken in the morning provides up to 12 hours of brain boosting effects without requiring a second dose within this time. People suffering underlying conditions including insomnia, increased heart rate or blood pressure issues should consult with a doctor first to avoid experiencing side effects including, but not limited to mild chest pain, drowsiness or anxiety.

A full list of the nootropics side effects is available on the (PIL) patient information leaflet.

Think Before You Buy Nootropics

Read the dosage and usage instructions to ensure safety. Generally, as a smart drug, people take one dose at the start of the day to get relief though out the day. For narcolepsy, it is recommended to take one tablet about one hour before the shift starts.

For patients suffering chronic symptoms, they are advised to incorporate usage into treatment plan to ensure safe results. By doing this, users can maintain a consistent amount of medication in their system and continue performing at their best without compromising their safety.